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about us


Our people: trusted, talented and experienced.

Sandbox was founded by our directors Luke, Richard and Fonda; three industry leaders who joined forces to provide a more comprehensive design offering and consultancy experience for clients, from initial research to final delivery.

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Luke Cannon, Creative Director

As Creative Lead at Sandbox, Luke brings over 20 years of design expertise from in-house, agency and independent roles. Equal parts creative thinker and strategic, analysis-led designer, Luke loves to help brands ‘think big’, find new opportunities for customer connection and create an unforgettable experience.

At Sandbox, he oversees all creative output of the studio, as well as driving the conceptual process and inspiring the team for excellence.

Luke is also trusted and respected for his client management. Having founded and managed design practice Studio Ginger for over 15 years prior to co-founding Sandbox, Luke is unfailingly calm, open-minded and inclusive in his approach to design, creating a client experience that has seen him build long-running relationships with recurring clients in Australia and abroad.

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Richard Oakley, Business Director

An industry leader with over three decades of experience in Design, Project Management and Client Management, Richard has held key roles within major retail organisations, before his 20 years at the helm of Edge Concepts as a founding Director.

Richard is well-respected for leading design teams that deliver unique, inspiring environments. His expertise in Value Engineering, Project Management and Construction Supervision enable him to understand all areas across the process. He is highly skilled in identifying and resolving potential problems before they happen resulting in high client satisfaction and retention.

Calm, organised and productive, Richard leads the business development and overall management at Sandbox. You’ll find Richard a sound voice at the other end of the phone, a reliable opinion when decisions need to be made, and a trusted advisor.

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Fonda Valasis, Project Director

Gregarious, thoughtful and enthusiastic, Fonda has been a trusted voice in the design and construction industry for decades. Uniting a background in Documentation, and Project Management with deep expertise in Value Engineering and Construction Supervision through his role as Director at Edge Concepts.

Fonda’s positive attitude and can-do approach makes collaboration enjoyable and productive, while his methodical, and process-driven management style means nothing gets missed in the process and every box gets ticked.

Fonda heads our Project and Client Management at Sandbox, a true leader he’ll align the approach, timing and impact simultaneously, while guiding the team towards delivery success. It’s rare to find someone with both an eye for detail and the ability of working with all kinds of people, yet Fonda makes it seem easy.

Meet some of our team:


Ralph, Senior Designer

Ralph is a talented, respected and very experienced designer having worked in collaboration with a large number of local and international brands, delivering commercially creative concepts.


Mark, Project Lead

Mark manages the delivery of the design process across a range of Sandbox clients. He works closely with the design and documentation teams and our clients.


Ana, Project Lead

Ana manages the documentation process across a range of our clients. She works closely with the design teams and our clients to ensure projects are delivered accurately and on time.


Hamish, Documentor

Hamish is part of the documentation team. He utilises REVIT and AutoCAD to provide detailed documentation packages and thoughtful construction solutions.


Peter, Senior Designer

Pete has worked across a broad range of projects demonstrating his talent in developing unique concepts. He has acted as creative lead for numerous local and global brands.


Ellie, Designer

Ellie is an integral member of our design team. She produces new concepts and works on design development to ensure all facets of a project are not only creative, but also practical.


Georgie, Brand Development

Georgie works closely with the directors and design team to identify and create opportunities to develop and position brands for success. She is also an integral member of management.


Megan, HR & Accounts

Megan works on HR matters within the business including recruitment. She also manages the account function and liaises with client organisations.